BO9ers Tuesday Sweeps

Sweeps Money - Players put $1 in the container in the Proshop when they pay for their round.

Score Card - Only 2 cards per foursome. One player keeps their score and that of their partner on one card. Three players for a threesome.

Scoring - Players keep gross score and puts for each hole and total scores. Do not record Handicap or Net Score.

End of Game - Verify scores with your partner player. Sign the card for yourself and record your partner's initials.

Posting - Post hole-by-hole scores using the GHIN phone app or take a picture of the card to post later at home.

Turn In Card - Turn in all completed cards in the box near the Proshop.

Payouts - Payouts will be made during our luncheons or every couple of months.

Sign Up Genius

Sign ups for Tuesday league play use an online program called SignUp Genius. An email will be sent to each member with a link to the following week's Tuesday play.

Members click on the link and sign themselves up. Please watch the videos below as a guide.

Rather than trying to retrieve the SignUpGenius link from your email account, members can click on the "Active Sign Up Sheets" button to view all currently active signups.

BO9ers Calendar

BO9ers Social Events

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May 24, 2022

October 11, 2022

December 6, 2022

BO9ers Tournaments

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April 26 and May 3, 2022

September 13 and September 20, 2022

PWGA Playdays

Click each image to view tournament format and course information.  To register, contact Dasha Zablocki at:

San Ramon - Niners Play Day
May 14, 2022
Opens April 15, 2022

Boundary Oak - Play Day
June 30, 2022
Opens April 15, 2022

Poppy Ridge - Play Day
July 25, 2022
Opens April 15, 2022

Wente - Play Day
August 22, 2022
Opens July 15, 2022

Blue Rock Springs - Play Day
September 19, 2022
Opens July 15, 2022

Hiddenbrooke - Play Day
September 19, 2022
Opens July 15, 2022

Redwood Canyon - Play Day
October 17, 2022
Opens July 15, 2022

Poppy Ridge
PWGA Niners Tournament of Club Champions

November 2, 2021
Opens July 15, 2022